About Hope

What We Believe

God is love, always has been, always will be. God made people very special - patterned after his own personality, which means people are the most precious creatures on earth. Since God patterned people after himself, every person has free will - the ability to choose to respond to him and his love, or to ignore him and live outside of that love. When we choose the latter, his image in us is destroyed, and we find ourselves in need of restoration, healing, and forgiveness.
God himself came to earth in human form, in the person of Jesus Christ, to make this possible. He took upon himself our disease and sickness, weakness and failure, evil and death, and in exchange offers us the free gift of forgiveness, life, healing and salvation. Those who accept this gift have a brand new life, and a brand new destiny.  They have received a "life-transplant" - our imperfect, diseased, sinful life for his perfect, pure, innocent and abundant life. They have been "born again."

For a more detailed statement of our beliefs, check out our Statement of Beliefs.